treats rumpus plate for TJT variator - DERBI version
treats rumpus plate for TJT variator - DERBI version


new for 2018 treatland presents the treatland treatland treatland ramp plate!! the ramp angles have been optimized for use with the TJT variator body. plus it provides smoother variation throughout the range over the stamped TJT plate!

want the whole dang thing kit n caboodle?

this is the DERBI specific version!! this will work on hobbit as well, it just fits a lil sloppy.

uses derbi ramp plate guides sold separately

if you are switching from a factory derbi 6 roller ramp plate, TJT ramp plate, or other 6 roller ramp plate you will need to go up or down slightly to fulfill your performance desires.

You will probably also want to experiment with different contra springs to get the most out of your new setup.

the second photo is for illustrative purpose only, to be clear you just get the plate, not the whole variator or ramp plate guides!

may come in black or raw steel finish!!

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5 of 5 incorrect photo July 10, 2018
taco eater : eames from Tustin, CA United States  
i actually dont know how this runs but the photo is of the hobbit rumpus plate.  the derbi one doesnt say PA50 on it, (thank goodness).  I see they photoshopped out one of the PA50 etchings but left the other ??

take a new photo!

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