treat black on black disc brake PARTY V1
treat black on black disc brake PARTY V1


Brake Line Length*:

this party includes our deluxe 17" black disc wheel, pre-bled caliper, line and master cylinder, and bracket with all the hardware necessary for an easy front disc brake solution.

please note that this version of the party only works on ebr drop out style hydraulic disc forks. see picture above for example of dropout style forks. if you don't know if you have this type of fork. ask. and if you have the forks, it's a bolt on solution!

we do have three different lengths of brake line. measure your forks and controls to determine what length will work best for you.

almost 30 inches
almost 33.5 inches
almost 37.5 inches

also of are going to want an axle. and 165mm long to be exact...

and we should mention that every fork and moped is a little different, so the spacing will vary somewhat from bike to bike. generally we see spacing on the disc side of the forks at around 26mm and we see spacing on the other side at somewhere around 21mm. but don't quote us on this! get yourself some spacers and get spaced out!

there you have it. a bolt on disc party! hmmm, now what tires to run?

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