new 1.4 x 17" aluminum spoke FRONT wheel with 220mm rotor - CLASSIC SILVER
new 1.4 x 17" aluminum spoke FRONT wheel with 220mm rotor - CLASSIC SILVER




17" High Performance Spoke FRONT wheel with 220mm diameter rotor and 12mm sealed bearings! raddddd

brand spanking new 1.40 x 17 DOT rim. beautiful cnc'd hub with bearings, seals and internal spacer included!!!

overall hub width: 100mm
rotor thickness: 3mm
outer edge of disk to spoke clearance: 31mm
disk to center line of wheel (approx): 55mm

these wheels are also made from high-quality aluminium and are very light!!! weighing in at 5lbs and 14.5oz! that's like 2.7kg. craaaaazy coool...especially if you're a racer!

these wheels actually work on these style ebr hydro forks with the below setup. For other styles we have a new caliper bracket in production.. or just make your own!!

Before you begin get a bit of elbow grease. FIRST you gotta remove the drum brake plate tab on the forks, THEN you can use the naz bracket (and spacers that come with it) and gold caliper and the following spacers:

disc side: x1 washer and x1 26mm spacer
other side: x1 washer and x1 13.3mm spacer

***we were able to make it work with these spacers and a 12mm axle, but they are just a starting point. measurements and things may differ slightly, so be prepared to make things work!***


with this setup the brakes will work, just keep in mind that the gold caliper does NOT utilize the entire rotor face. we are, however, working on getting new brackets made that will utilize the entire rotor face, as well as fit hyrdos and other forks as well. YAYAYAYAYA!

wild!!! for you DIYers out there (you know who you are!!!) just get your self a 12mm axle, some spacers (measure your situation to know your size), tires, tubes and rim strips. And your old crusty front wheel can be brand spanking new.


this is a crazy nice heavy duty wheel! need we say more?

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5 of 5 front wheel December 30, 2019
taco eater : Tim Greeley from MOUNT ANGEL, OR United States  
I want to buy this just cause it's so damn beautiful. I can always buy something to put it on later.

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