tomos & puch SILVER long EBR forks - for drum brake only
tomos & puch SILVER long EBR forks - for drum brake only

 :*sorry none today*

new aluminum forged spring loaded EBR front forks for tomos & puch magnums with drum brakes!

these are the oem replacement for tomos a55 sprint, lx, & st, oem replacement # 236730

got to have sealed bearing front wheel for these beauties too.

220mm tall head tube with 45mm of thread

threading measures 26mm x 1mm diameter. puch and tomos size

a little over 26 inches total length.

about 17" from the bottom of the triple tree to the bottom

regular maxi ebr are 23 inches regular magnum ebr are 27 inches ish

may or may not come with the ebr sticker on the sides of the legs!

depts of weights and measurements used three measurin devices to obtain these precise measurements on all these forks be happy

these use a special long axle that goes through the fork legs, this tomos axle ... its for you!!

fork tube diameter is 30mm so when you're picking clip ons make sure you get the right size! if you need a stabilizer get one HERE!

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