tomos OEM streetmate R matte black disc forks
tomos OEM streetmate R matte black forks

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with a very nice luxurious matte black finish you'll be sure to enjoy these OEM tomos streetmate R forks.

these are for sealed bearing disc brake wheels ONLY.

includes a few bonuses : cable guides, fork top nut/washer, & headset bottom race.

easy direct mount caliper found HERE

215mm tall head tube with 45mm of thread - 26mm x 1mm thread size - puch and tomos size about 26.5 inches total length.

about 16.75" from the bottom of the triple tree to the axle 105mm spacing between the fork tube where the wheel bolts down

fork tube diameter is 30mm so when you're picking clip ons make sure you get the right size!

depts of weights and measurements used three measurin devices to obtain these precise measurements on all these forks be happy

if you need a OEM front fender we have them HERE!

if you need a stabilizer get one HERE!

tomos oem part #237002

ATTENTION please - these forks got a little scratched up from shipping. sorry but that happens sometimes... its cosmetic so no worries and please no complaining! these are OEM, good luck trying to find them somewhere else?

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