spacer from space ROUND 2
spacer from space ROUND 2




from outer space comes a spacer into the lush bountiful lands of the treat kingdom. round 2

for minarelli V1L with a 39mm stroke crank!! it may work with other type of engines/cylinders as well, the possibilities are perhaps infinite?

no case matching necessary....well that's kinda a given cause it's a v1l.

allows you to use some some derbi GPR cylinder kits if the cylinder studs are usual, super hackers and tuners ONLY.

slotted stud holes allow for use of a wide range of kits!! minarelli horizontal! derbi moped kits? you may need to open up the stud holes to accommodate the minarelli 46mm x 46mm stud pattern. very similar to the first version of the spacer from space, but instead of having two spacers it's all one piece. check out the older version for more ideas on different kit adaptations as well!

26mm thick

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