spacer from space
minarelli V1L spacer from space


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from outer space comes a spacer into the lush bountiful lands of the treat kingdom.

here's the updated one piece version with slotted stud holes if you're interested!

this is primarily used on minarelli V1L. it may work with other type of engines/cylinders as well, the possibilities are perhaps infinite?

for minarelli V1L these two spacers together allow you to use some derbi flat reed 65cc kits.

- you can use stock V1L studs
- you will need to cut gaskets to put between spacer
- piston will line up perfectly in cylinder at BDC, at TDC you will be 1-2mm or so off so you must countersink the head or mill the cylinder down slightly
- depending on the intake you use you may need to remove some fin material from the new cylinder
- tons of porting potential
- no case modification needed
- new opportunities for V1L dudes bored of V1L kits
- hackerz and tunerz only

also for minarelli V1L this spacer will give you the opportunity to use peugeot speedfight LC cylinders with very slight modification.

- the studs will still be the correct length
- the speedfight cylinder will fit on the spacer
- the stud pattern for the speedfight is 47mm x 47mm vs minarelli V1L 46mm x 46mm so you will need to open up the stud holes somehow..
- at BDC piston lines up perfect with exhaust port.
- hackerz and tunerz only

you could also opt for a morini BRN cylinder, other morini cylinders have too weeny of ports for this project. I don't know the specifics for this, let us know if you try!

measure five times cut once plz.

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