the original, crappy, 15mm bing intake
puch moped square port 15mm intake



puch moped square port 15mm intake for bing carburetors

if you are a real cheap shit you'll buy this one. If you have any sense you will spend $7.99 more and buy this one that is about a million times better. Actually it is two million times better, for just $7.99. Go do some math now.

If you buy this one and hate it afterwards leave a review admitting how dumb are for not listening to benevolent international friend of moped, yours truly, treatland.

20mm OD spigot mount!

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wut October 5, 2017
taco eater : Carbon Jawed from Cromwell, CT United States  
I looked at it funny and it cracked.

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priced appropriately March 15, 2017
taco eater : rodney from san francisco, CA United States  
its no MLM intake, but it gets the job done. use this on countless puch builds and it matches good with a 70cc piston port kit or just on stock. great with a 15 bing, even the clone seems to work fine. good if you dont wanna spend too much, otherwise id suggest the e50 or za50 mlm intake.

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hahahaha November 25, 2015
taco eater : Hi I'm Andy from Santa Cruz, CA United States  
i mean, like it works. no sealing issues if you double up on thick gaskets or make some yourself. it did break though, just like the other reviewer. I put it on once, had to take it off to adjust something, put it back on, was tightening it and the base just crumbled.

It works, and would probably last a little while, but like, be soooo careful tightening it, and use 2 thick base gaskets.

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It works fine now January 17, 2015
taco eater : Paul Selvidge from Sterling Heights, MI United States  
This intake had a vacume leak when first installed.  
I removed it, filed  machined surface  flat, good as new!!
Always use a new  gasket, this intake has a  a different print on the gasket compared to old intake.
It's cheep and works fine!
(Don't forget that O ring)

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Surprisingly works, buy one! August 26, 2014
taco eater : Matt from Colorado, United States  
I bought this 15mm bing intake to match my 15mm Bing carb, and all I gotta say is.... it works!!

I was pretty hesitant before buying it due to all the bad reviews, but had no other choice so I spend the $12 and picked this bad boy up.

Once I got it in the mail I noticed it was made of pretty light metal, and I had to clean up/file the inside a tiny bit. But once I set it up with my E50 it bolted right on and I've had zero air-leak issues!

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