puch magnum limited dash rectangle light bulb - GREEN
puch magnum limited dash rectangle light bulb - GREEN



wow, you know those little lights on the dash of your puch magnum limited? maybe they don't light up, or they broke, or you were removing the dash and the lights fell out and you stepped on them and burst into tears? well now we got em! and they will fit the original and aftermarket puch magnum limited dash (some filing may be required to get these to fit the aftermarket one, the casting imperfections make it a tight squeeze but they fit! check the picture).

measurements 25mm x 12mm on the top and 21.5mm x 12.25mm on the lower portion that fits into the dash

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Not the Same Shade - Not as Bright May 9, 2019
taco eater : Garrett Bernhagen from Chicago, IL  
The housing of the light isn't the same shade as the one on the LTD unfortunately (the LTD seems to have a darker, almost forest green color and is more opaque.) This might be from age however, so who knows? Other then that, the bulb in the original is also substantially brighter; you can actually see it lit up during the daytime. However, this one is fairly weak. Could probably get by with replacing the light with an LED since it's simply soldered in there. The housing does fit perfectly in the dash of a stock LTD and the parts are interchangeable between this light and the original present in the LTD's dashboard; so there's that going for it too!

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