puch magnum limited dashboard
puch magnum limited dashboard



puch magnum dashboard. so beautiful now you can make any magnum a limited with this fairing and this dashboard. mount this to anything you like and then tell everyone its limited. they probably won't get it but who cares!! its limited!!!

47mm x 30mm mount pattern however the holes are slotted for 47mm width so you got a lil wiggle room

please note you will need to slightly file down the round indent for the bars so the bars fit absolutely perfectly. otherwise the bars will not fit into the groove correctly which will cause the plate to mount incorrectly.

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4 of 5 Almost perfect March 30, 2017
taco eater : Goshen Mopeds from goshen, IN United States  
I don't know why I though this thing was going to be plastic, but it's not, it's allllllll metal. Yes! Only down side is the rectangular ridges are EXTREMELY rough, with sharp pointy bits. Clean it up if you ever want something to fit in there. Other than that I was happier than expected. Also yes, on the clamp, one of the nubs is longer than the other 3. Why? I dunno. Shave it down. While you're at it, the back of the key hole has a weird corner of metal you will need to shave down for it to be flush, which is important for things like keyholes and whatnot.

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