puch e50 lightened and welded clutch bell - NEEDLE BEARING edition
puch e50 lightened and welded clutch bell - NEEDLE BEARING edition



new budget blaster approved puch e50 regular-cut clutch bell with soooo many rad features.

lightened for improved acceleration and clutch oiling

welded 21t gear. no spot welds this baby is fully welded in. fits right in to your existing NON-reverse cut setup!

needle bearing instead of a traditional brass bushing for super high rpm ripping where bushings just can't cut it.

NOTE: you will need to re-shim when switch to this bells. DO NOT expect this to drop right in with your stock shims! have no fear though, just buy a few different sized small shims to fine tune the shimming and you're good to go. check out the photo from the original puch service manual to verify that you've shimmed your new clutch assembly to spec!

ALSO NOTE: needle bearing clutch bells are inherently harder to shim and maintain due to the looser fit of the needle bearing as opposed to a brass bushing. even when shimmed properly a needle bearing clutch bell will be louder and make more crazy noises than a bushing type bell. you MUST know how to shim this perfecto or else it will end badly. these are really intended for racers and bad dudes that have high stalling clutches/high rpm setups and are willing to frequently disassemble the clutch to verify that the shimming is still within spec. if you are a bad dude and understand these circumstances, this is the bell for you! basically needle bearing clutch bells are less forgiving to poor shimming and infrequent maintenance intervals. oh and the bearing roller material is harder than that of any aftermarket crankshaft. just keep that in mind. if you aren't as experienced or want an easier to maintain clutch bell go for the brass bushing version!

please lubricate the needle bearing prior to running this bad boy!

that being said, jack and will used the original prototype needle bearing bell on their pinball bike and it performed flawlessly for over 1500 miles!

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4 of 5 I got the Spins June 29, 2017
taco eater : Andy from Milwaukee, WI United States  
Yeah this thing is sweet, shimmings no problem, just pick up some extras while you're on here blowing your paycheck anyway.

Like any Puch clutch bell, just make sure that C-clip is extra for sure on the crank in the groove and its not gonna pop off or your clutch bells gonna hit the cover and make a bunch of really cool noises like when you see crime cars get ground up in the movies.

1 star down because from the looks of it you can't replace the roller bearing? I could be wrong on this though, you may just have to use an arbor press.

***TREATS EDIT: yes the needle bearings can be replaced. i do not know the press fit difference so it may require a press like you thought. extra points for the first person to press out the needle bearing and press in a one way bearing.***

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4 of 5 W Fo in VA July 13, 2016
taco eater : Walt Fowler from Buchanan, VA United States  
If you are have trouble getting shimmed correctly look at how the bearing is installed, it should match the photos here.  Mine was in backwards, the bearing has a smaller opening on one end that matches the small shim.  It will not slide over the crank step if you need it to slide in that far.

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5 of 5 Pretty amazing May 22, 2016
taco eater : Jared Bezemes from Derry, NH United States  
I decided to wait on running this until I got a pull starter so I would only have to worry about the bearing side shimming.

Seemed fine on my rito but I'll update this after some good milage.

Right off the bat I noticed that my rpms pick up soo much faster

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5 of 5 Fits nice with Rito when shimmed March 31, 2016
taco eater : Aric Aasgaard from Omaha, NE United States  
I was afraid this would be sloppy on my Rito after reading comments and playing with it on a Rito outside of a case.  It was about perfect once shimmed properly, my crank bearings had more play.

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4 of 5 a little sloppy on a rito November 30, 2015
taco eater : Anonymous Person from Long Beach, CA United States  
So. I think it is pretty cool treats is making this once custom set up available to the general public, but there are a few little things you should know. I have been running these on a race setup for awhile now, also on minerelli bell KTM set up. Rito crank shafts are a c hair smaller so no matter how close you shim it will always be a little sloppy, Top,and Treats cranks fit nice. After awhile the hard bearing material will wear crankshaft.

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