puch e50 lightened and welded clutch bell - BUSHING edition
puch e50 lightened and welded clutch bell - BUSHING edition



***version 2 features a thinner bushing plus additional oiling holes to keep things extra slippy***

new budget blaster approved puch e50 regular-cut clutch bell with soooo many rad features.

lightened for improved acceleration and clutch oiling

welded 21t gear. no spot welds this baby is fully welded in. fits right in to your existing NON-reverse cut setup!

traditional bronze bushing for simplicity and fun. this is a great option for stock, mild and semi-rippin setups. the bronze bushing ID to crank fit is perfecto which allows for a really nice smooth running low maintenance setup if shimmed correctly! kyle really likes his and we all like kyle so yeah.

NOTE: you will need to re-shim when switch to this bells. DO NOT expect this to drop right in with your stock shims! have no fear though, just buy a few different sized small shims to fine tune the shimming and you're good to go. check out the photo from the original puch service manual to verify that you've shimmed your new clutch assembly to spec!

VERY IMPORTANT: you MUST MUST MUST make sure to lubricate the new clutch bell with ATF or whatever transmission oil you choose prior to running it. this is suuuper critical when you're installing the bell on a brand new crank. the bushing to bell fit is nice n tight and you risk seizing the bell to the crank if you don't lube it up nice n good.

ALSO NOTE please use a small file to quickly deburr the back edge of the bronze bushing, it is a little sharp outta the box! thanks!

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1 of 5 version ! October 23, 2019
taco eater : richard eberline from Trenton, MI United States  
Version ! was a joke, never fit right. Since the bell spins on the crank, the weight isn't a big factor. Who is the engineer/designer Santa Claus???????

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5 of 5 Just to be safe August 28, 2016
taco eater : Countryobtunning from Princeton , MA United States  
Here's the thing, the holes drilled to lighten the bell are much larger then any fastener or spring on your clutch so if anything fails on your clutch it will venture to unknown places. Just machine your own with many small holes like old-schoolers it saved my behind.

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5 of 5 awesome May 3, 2016
taco eater : danny mcbride from fresno, CA United States  
i've installed 2 of these so far on bikes and had tremendous success with them.

both times the shimming had to be changed to accommodate the slightly different length of the bell but after that they have been rock solid.

make sure you lube up the bushing especially if you're installing it on a brand new crank or else....

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