puch dellorto SHA 15mm intake
  puch dellorto SHA 15mm intake



square port 15mm intake for using dellorto SHA carbs on puch E50 engines.

**NEW improved stronger aluminum compound for ultimate strength**

SHA carbs tighten down perfectly onto this intake. You can rid yourself of bing oppression and move on to a more reliable, less leak prone carb. If you are trying to use some SHA off another bike you need to make sure the ID (internal diameter) of your dellorto carb shim is 19mm so it will fit perfectly on this intake. All of the SHA carbs sold at HQ come with 19mm shim. Recommended carb for this is the 15mm lever choke, though any of the 15mm or 16mm SHA carbs will work great.

Designed primarily for E50 engines, when used with ZA50 you will have to grind down the oil injector casting to get the carb to fit straight. This is done by dozens of people each month so no reason you can't do it too.

center to center of bolt holes - 37mm

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BARELY December 1, 2014
taco eater: MennoOonneM from San Diego, CA United States  
Just get the long one with the oil injection hole.

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Great quality! July 7, 2013
taco eater: Michael Mills from worcester, MA United States  
Fit my otherwise stock maxi like a glove. Tucked a 16.16 in there and was still able to put the side covers back on. No air leaks. Runs great. Awesome throttle response. with a boss pipe getting 35-38 mph revs to the moon great mid not so great low. Don't over tighten it? If it won't seal, rubber mount it to an SHA with a peice of 1/2 copper tubing in the other end wahhh

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Works on Jawas with modifing. April 11, 2013
taco eater: Ben Whittle from Minot, ND United States  
Good quality intake. The base of the intake can be ground reallllly thin to except the closer stud spacing on a jawa 207 cylinder using allen heads. Then an additional riser (along with the original jawa riser) with gasket paper in between will be needed to get the bowl of the carb off the top of the cylinder. Then it's all good to go.

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Does not fit an E50 or ZA50. October 25, 2012
taco eater: Lukas McWhorter from Richmond, VA United States  
Great quality.

Great intake if you want to adapt it to a Bing, but hell if I can see how it fits a SHA to an E50...or any Puch for that matter.

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Does it fit? September 12, 2011
taco eater: Kilo from Denver  
Got this for my other project trying to put a Kinetic SHA on a Puch. Maybe this is my problem? I don't know. I don't have another SHA to try it with.
Originally, it was too tall so I cut it down. The carb wouldn't fit between the frame and the e50. Put it back together with some Steel Stick and it's held so far. It fits better now but it still won't fit.

Verdict is, when it's original, the carb sits too high and won't fit under the frame. When it's modded so the top of the carb clears the frame, it sits too low and the bowl hits the case. Again, maybe I'm using the wrong type of SHA, but it's not working...
Quality has been good to work with tho so I'm not gonna hate on that.

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