puch 70cc PHBG treat party supreme - version 2
puch moped 70cc PHBG treat party supreme
alternate reality price $339.00


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

the puch 70cc treat kit + PHBG party supreme!! VERSION 2. a winning collection at a price that is, well, hmm.... winning also.

- treat peoples 45mm cylinder kit
- top end gasket kit

- 70cc hi comp head

- black tecno boss pipe

****comes with chrome boss pipe this week***

- dellorto 21mm PHBG clamp style carburetor with pull choke
- high angle PHBG intake to clear tube frame puch OR maxi with za50
- malossi E12 air filter!!
- 2 intake and 2 exhaust studs

everything here has been hand selected by the citizens of treatland for ease of installation. now including studs for the intake and exhaust, as well as long brass nuts for clearing the massive header of the boss pipe.

so why think, when we can do the thinking for you. all ya need now is a jet range to tune this up. and that will be up to you. i would recommend an 80s or 90s range, but who knows, depends where you live. most of my tuning is done 93 feet below sea level.

will not clear side covers!!

party rules

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