5 dellorto main jets - 90s range
Dellorto main jets 90s range


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

5 random dellorto jets in the 90s range party

we will try to give you an even spread, no whiney!

no picky choosey

For use in all dellorto carburettors utilizing #1486 size main jets, including but not limited to dellorto carbs series sha 12/10 (vespa), 13/13 (vespa upgrade), 14/12 (tomos), 15/15 (motobecane/peugeot/whatever), 16/16; and series PHBG 15-21mm.

Found as standard on many mopeds - tomos, vespa ciao / grande / bravo, kinetic, derbi, upgraded motobecane / peugeot, upgraded puch, minarelli, some small frame vespa scooters, plus many other mopeds/scooters/motorcycles like polini, ktm, husky...and so on. If your carb doesn't use jet size #1486 as a main jet it probably uses it as the idle jet size. All jets guaranteed to be precision drilled.

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