puch 70cc hi compression head - old style fins
puch 70cc hi compression head - old style fins



usable on the numerous 70cc kits like athena, tccd, kstar as well as the 64cc polini, and the 65cc metrakit.

compatible with puch maxi, magnum, dart, cobra, swinger, pinto, freespirit, newport, kromag, etc.

works perfect on tomos and yamaha chappy and QT50 as well. bolts on, no problem.

this version has a different squish than the other ones we sell. slightly less compression than the hi hi series. check out the photos.

this head has a 45mm squish band.

**special note for people that buy this head and think they got a 38mm head - you are measuring it incorrectly :) measure the complete cut head area, not just the smaller recessed area AND compare to the 50 head here.

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5 of 5 Perfect for 45mm Airsal "Old Fin Style" Cylinder January 18, 2022
taco eater : Adam Riggsby - Pike Cycles from Allston, MA United States  
This head seems to be the perfect match for the 45mm Airsal "Old Fin Style" Puch Cylinder. From the fins, to the extrusion for the decomp spot, it looks pretty spot on. It should work with the "partially domed" piston as well.

And as said before, combustion chamber looks large and actually really good for higher RPM applications.

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4 of 5 ugly bastard July 19, 2017
taco eater : Birdman from Michigan  
When base-gasketed properly with no head gasket, the head has a beautiful 1.143mm squish against the 'Treatland Kit for the People v1' piston. Base I used is a .2794mm Karropak gasket. (The piston is above the exhaust port floor at BDC, however, it makes more power and is quieter setup this way than with a thick base gasket.)

Previously, I stated this is a low compression head due to the exaggerated dome. I was incorrect. It does the trick.

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4 of 5 Kstar Low Compression head March 17, 2015
taco eater : Maci Dub from Dubvue, WA United States  
Marked K-star.  This is actually a low-compression head with a very large and deep combustion chamber and narrower squish band compared to the others.  

Casting has some flaws visible around the plug hole from where the aluminium flowed together.  End of threads machined a little rough, had a thin sharp edge on the combustion chamber side that I filed out.

1.0mm edge clearance, check your squish and adjust with the right thickness base and head gaskets.

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5 of 5 Not all that bad... May 20, 2012
taco eater : Brad Rice from Albany, NY United States  
Very few moped parts are made with great engineering precision. That said, I thought the casting on this head was fine, it sealed up fine, and was cheap....CHEAP!

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3 of 5 it's not you, it's me... March 24, 2012
taco eater : Dick Gazinia from Hollywood  
Take a good look at the machined surface inside the squish band.  It kind of looks like termites got in there.  A little porous on the casting.  But it's $30.  I love you.

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