puch 65cc PHBG treat party supreme
puch 65cc PHBG treat party supreme


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

the puch 65cc treat kit + PHBG party supreme!! a winning collection at a price that is, well, hmm.... winning also.

65cc 45mm TrEaT kit, 50cc hi comp head, chrome tecno boss pipe, dellorto PHBG clamp style carburetor with pull choke, PHBG square port intake, malossi E12 air filter, throttle cable, + top end gasket set!!. sorry no clutch gasket this week!!

boss mounting tips - this pipe has a quite large header, use a super thin walled 10mm long socket to mount dreamy, or use the long brass M6 nuts, or remove the studs completely and use M6 allen/hex bolts...then no probs, all is well.

so why think, when we can do the thinking for you. all ya need now is a jet range to tune this up. and that will be up to you. i would recommend an 80s or 90s range, but who knows, depends where you live. most of my tuning is done 93 feet below sea level.

(dellorto carburetor size varies depending on inventory. could be 19mm, 19.5mm or 20mm or even 21mm) right now yo get a 19

this will work on za50 and e50, on za50 the carb will sit at an angle and you might want to grind down the oil injector casting if that helps ya out, on some tube frames it'll be kinda angled too. if ya want yer carb sitting straight n outta the way you'll need a different intake and a rubber mount carb, so this isn't for ya. this is a TIGHT fit on all bikes but it does fit, e50 maxi is what this is designed to fit on, tube frames/za50 will be even tighter of a fit and require carb at an angle. & remember PHBGs are able to run at up to 45 degree angles so take the pill, the chill one, and go hit the pipe

party rules

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5 of 5 First! April 15, 2012
taco eater : Eric Hamilton from Charlotte, Nc, NC United States  
WOW... who would have thought with just some simple cylinder matching and jetting my 20mph scoot would be doing 45+.  Life is grand.

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