puch 5 five star REAR wheel hub - NUDE!!
puch 5 five star REAR wheel hub - NUDE!!


 :*sorry none today*

soooo you get the five star hub in all of its glory ready to be filled with parts of your choosing!

you can grab 6001 bearings here!

you will need a center bearing spacer here as well.

this hub uses the original rear sprockets just like the stock size. 94mm sprockets found here!

you will most likely need a rear brake plate tooooooo

the best rear axle with spacers to grab is the 190mm with spacers! you get lots of options to get it in your swingarm correctly.

other than that, if you need the hub bolts to mount it to the rim, we sell a pack here!

we got some sprocket bolts if ya need em here!

these hubs will have little scratches here and there. thats what happens when they travel the world to make their way to you! 99% of the time they show up at the land of treats with those marks already on em, so nothing we can do!

they are very nice quality. braking surface seems awesome and casting is prime! definitely a great replacement!!

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