pietcard CDI internal coil - 02 - motoplat/derbi - counterclockwise
pietcard CDI internal coil - 02 - motoplat/derbi - counterclockwise



pietcard CDI . these are interesting CDI's. you put the coil on your stock points stater plate and use your stock points flywheel! this as an electronic converter made to replace the points and condenser.

use this for all mopeds equipped with counterclockwise motoplat ignitions and flywheel - found on numerous mopeds however this version is primarily used on DERBI

motor rotation - counterclockwise

coil color = RED

distance between centers of holes in the coil = 45mm

in order to complete your pietcard ignition system you will need a CDI box. generally the 2013 or the 2041 is used. do your research first and make sure you choose the correct one for your setup. if a review doesn't mention which box is being used it will more than likely be referring to the 2013 as prior to march 2014 these were sold with the 2013 box.

It is also highly recommended that you fully complete the pietcard setup with this pietcard external coil.

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5 of 5 Awesome CDI update August 10, 2022
taco eater : Jacob Fulton from Minneapolis, MN United States  
Slapped this on along with the Pietcard 2041 box. I've heard some people time these without the woodruff key but mine worked perfect with the key. Much stronger and more consistent spark than the stock points. I gained ~3mph on my stock/pipe/carb setup without touching anything else and it says nice and cool on sustained WOT runs. Can't be beat for the price!

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4 of 5 K11 CDI November 2, 2012
taco eater : sean byers from livonia, MI United States  
I fitted this to a modified 1965 Suzuki K11 Kokusan ignition plate, and it runs very strong. It requires the plate to be retarted around 40 degrees, otherwise it will backfire or run very poorly. It seems these can be fitted to many small displacement singles, it just takes finding where the pickup responds to the rotor, and tuning accordingly.

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5 of 5 IT WORKS! May 2, 2012
taco eater : robm from San Francisco, CA  
Ok so this just bolts on and works for some people.  But, I put this in my PP Derbi and all I got was backfire. If this is you, here is the solution: Take out the woodruff key, set the piston 1.8 btdc, turn the flywheel about 45 degrees clockwise and put that baby on sans key.  Hit with a timing light and drink a beer.

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5 of 5 derbi owners... you now have another option! November 14, 2011
taco eater : Ryan Nash from Columbia, MO United States  
faulty points... missing points? don't wanna mess with points anymore? too timid to hack up a treats cdi?

get this.  it bolts right on, you will need 2 spacers for the bolts because the coil is thinner than the stock ignition coil.  I used two spacers off of a puch stator and it worked perfectly.  you have to use your imagination when you mount the cdi box but since I don't use a rear fender I mounted it there.  

grey - grey
blue (with red pig tail) - blue
red pig tail - kill switch
red standalone - HT coil

I have a piston port with stock motoplat stator in MIDDLE setting timing is @ 1.3-1.4mm and advances to 1.8mm and then SLIGHTLY retards, if at all (still testing).  I hit it with a timing light, rode it around ... temps stayed well below 340deg with a 60cc overbore, gianelli circuit, 19mm phbg and a flatreed 6 roller.

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