pietcard CDI ignition box - 2041
pietcard CDI ignition box - 2041

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pietcard CDI ignition box - 2041. this CDI box works with the puch e50 cdi unit! and the minarelli cdi unit!

each cdi box comes with a little paper that says where the wires go, in spanish of course.

this cdi box auto-retards!

pietcard - 2041

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5 of 5 Killer December 30, 2018
taco eater : Alex Hedrick from Sterling heights , MI United States  
I had to learn the hard way, at least I think I did. Welded up a quick little exhaust mount, had everything ignition wise grounded. I could not get it running right after that. Felt like it was losing spark at higher rpm, totally random almost. Got a new one and a new pickup coil.. slapped it on and boom. There ya go. Jawa supreme 3 with a mild built e50 fuggin rips hard!

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4 of 5 For advanced timing retards September 9, 2015
taco eater : Oliver Young from Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham United Kingdom  
Fires very retardedly for easy starting. Then *just* below idle speed it trips over into its full advance position. So bear that in mind if you use a hand drill to spin over the engine. Upon higher revs it will pull the timing back by around 3-4 degrees. Take advantage of that and you'll get good low end torque.

I used the brown Pietcard 3055 stator coil and a Puch E50 clockwise engine, with a ZA50 flywheel installed sans woodruff key (lap the taper). You will need a Buzetti type instrument to set timing vs TDC without the key.

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5 of 5 Works on V1 October 29, 2014
taco eater : MennoOonneM from San Diego, CA United States  
Does what it supposed to I guess. Not sure if this is an *upgrade* above points. I've seen points break quite often on V1's so I switched to this for reliability. If you want to race; get a mini rotor or whatever. If you want to avoid broken points; get this and save some money.

I don't have a timing light, I just dialed in the timing by riding and tuning. I've used the yellow and blue coils with this and they both like to be pretty retarded.

I blew one of these boxes and a blue coil because of a floating ground. Didn't scrape enough powder coat off the frame under the grounding wire. My own fault.

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4 of 5 hmmm September 4, 2013
taco eater : gw from allston ma  
splice blue with kill f.y.i.
solve all your 2013 problems if running on a morini m1

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5 of 5 Advances Before It Retards August 30, 2013
taco eater : mikeb from Chicago  
Be aware that this box advances before it retards. That's not a complaint (or a bad thing) but it's really helpful to know when dialing in your timing.

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