pietcard CDI internal coil - 07 - grey - puma
pietcard CDI interanl coil - 07 - grey - puma



pietcard CDI . these are interesting CDI's. you put the coil on your stock points stater plate and use your stock points flywheel! this as an electronic converter made to replace the points and condenser.

this CDI coil and box are for the puma moped.

coil color = GREY

distance between centers of holes in the coil = 45mm

in order to complete your pietcard ignition system you will need a CDI box. generally the 2013 or the 2041 is used. do your research first and make sure you choose the correct one for your setup. if a review doesn't mention which box is being used it will more than likely be referring to the 2013 as prior to march 2014 these were sold with the 2013 box.

It is also highly recommended that you fully complete the pietcard setup with this pietcard external coil.

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