orignial garelli huret speedometer assembly - FROZEN
orignial garelli huret speedometer assembly - FROZEN



A frozen, but original Garelli Huret speedometer! Its a good price, but you will have to do the dirty work of rebuilding it. Should you want one that is already rebuilt, we have those here.

These speedometer assemblies are frozen solid and MUST BE SERVICE prior to use. It is because of the grease that Huret used. It turns into "glue" after 30 years. These assemblies were never intended to be disassembled, so keep that in mind as you follow our instructions!





The square hole in the speedometer head must be able to turn freely or the new cable will break immediately.

Here is a quick service outline from an old greaser:

1. remove the ring clip that holds the "finger"
2. poke a hole in the plastic seal
3. pry it off using the hole
4. dig out most of the old grease and dissolve the rest with acetone
or carb spray
5. put new grease
6. press the seal ring back in and fold the hole closed
7. put the finger and clip back

The old grease cannot be forced out with a grease gun.

If you do not have your old garelli cable, both of these motobecane speedo cables with work but they are a little short: cable 1 and cable 2

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