motobecane av7 50v speedometer cable - version 2
motobecane av7 50v speedometer cable - version 2



finally, a US style moby speedo cable for 50v av7!!! not the other ones, no! no nooooo! but av7 yes!!! 24" cable 22" housing has little protection device for the aid of keeping cable safe


This speedo cable ends measure 2.5mm square on one end and 2.6mm square on the other. With 10mm ID end screw caps

Remember to MEASURE your cable BEFORE ordering. If this one doesn't fit it is probably because you need this cable with smaller end tips.

This should also fit most Garelli Huret speedo drives and speedometers. Measure first tho!!!

Please take note that Garelli & MBK Huret speedometers and drives are notorious for using a really bad quality grease during production in the 1970s which at this point in time is now frozen. If you attempt to use a new cable on a frozen drive or speedo it will instantly snap.. so you need to be sure everything else works perfecto and smooth and spins freely or you will be very disappointed when you break your new cable in ohh about 1 second of use.

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