motobecane CDI ignition le partie
motobecane CDI ignition le partie




12v CDI ignition for all motobecane mopeds - av7 or av10, 50v or 51v. Includes everything you see pictured - turkey baster strap on ignition coil, secret black capacitor discharge ignition box, stator plate with all the fixins, flywheel, and some spark plug wire, score! double score! O' what a time to be alive!

***NOTE: the latest batch of plates will fit kinda snug on the case. You may need to sand the id of the stator plate mount for easy fitment***

when you get this fine product take it apart and put it together with 8.8 grade bolts and loctite. skip this step and tomorrow you will be sorry.

oh and if you need any help installing your cdi here's two very helpful links, for general cdi help

this flywheel nut may be the jam if you still have a reverse threaded crank

and if you need a flywheel puller get this 19mm x 1mm puller!

and if you wanna play it safe get these 8.8 grade allen bolts and use loctite upon re-installation!

and if you wanna get the allen bolts to attach the stator to the case once again get these 8.8 grade allen bolts and use loctite upon installation!

and if you want to put it on your peugeot with a large taper crank get this handy lil adaptor plate!

and if you need a new cdi box for this look no further

and if you want a flywheel cover to keep thee elements out well ya get the point

here are some great reproductions of the original bracket options for mounting your HT coil and cleaning up your wiring! these are crucial! Don't skip them!!!

the flywheel has a 100mm outer diameter in case ya need that for some reason

there is NO woodruff key used with the motobecane ignition just like how they come from the factory!

more wiring info HERE for you.

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4 of 5 Overall a good upgrade... January 1, 2021
taco eater : The Wrocketrider from cleveland, OH United States  
Sooo, I have had this installed on my Motobecane AV7 powered unit since 9/2017. Worked pretty good with stock cylinder and crank, until the crank broke (second time this happened to me-did it with the stock ignition too). This spring I upgraded to a full circle flywheel crank, Airsail 74cc piston/cylinder, Big Fin Head with compression release, new pipe and a 18mm Mikuni. Mayhem ensued. First mistake: I set the timing to 2.1mm BTDC like stock, Oops. This is what ultimately welded the piston to the cylinder in an epic seizure. Going with more conservative timing like other reviewers have mentioned (1.5-1.7mm BTDC) when I install the new piston/cylinder.
The good news is that this thing belts out a serious CDI spark. Way quicker starting. Better Idle. Just beware of: Timing, Stator coil screws, and lighting coil output (get a regulator). Oh, and torque the bejesus out of the flywheel nut - chased a "jetting" problem for hours only to discover that the flywheel had shifted...

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4 of 5 Seems okay, but screws are still terrible August 21, 2020
taco eater : Rich from Lincoln Park, MI United States  
You would think after all these years the manufacturer would get the message and assemble the stator plate with screws that actually stay in.  NOPE!  Other than that, fired right up, though I still have some tuning to do.

PS if you want to put your crank in the slot, sport this woody: OEM honda NA50 NU50 NC50 PA50 hobbit moped woodruff key

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5 of 5 Easy install for newbs and works like a pro May 26, 2020
taco eater : Canada Eh Moped from Toronto, ON Canada  
So much easier to set the timing and get this thing going than fumbling with setting the points on the original Mobylette 6v system. Eliminate any issues and set yourself up for success with this. Everything is plug and play, make sure to get a voltage regulator (also plug and play). Big spark

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5 of 5 Le partie cdi works perfectly highly recommended May 21, 2020
taco eater : RICHARD CAMACHO from Union, NJ United States  
Great cdi finally got it to work after struggling to get my moby istarted highly recommended.

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5 of 5 Great Upgrade January 29, 2020
taco eater : Drew Gregory from Elkton, MD United States  
Great little package with everything you need to convert your old points into some nice modern CDI ignition. Super easy to install as well, but make sure you get those new allen bolts. Haven't tried it with the original bolts, but they're so cheap why chance it? Timing mark is right above the notch in the flywheel. I timed mine at 1.5mm on my 74cc av7 and it seems to work well. Make sure you get a regulator for the lighting coil! it's so powerful it'll blow those old bulbs right out!

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