morini M1 polini 43mm 60cc kit

morini M1 polini 43mm 60cc kit
alternate reality price $259.99

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vintage aluminum 43mm 60cc polini kit for the morini M1 case inducted motors

comes with cylinder, piston, ring, wrist pin, clips, head, base, and exhaust gaskets!

grab a replacement piston here!

we have a custom cut head that is made specifically to match this kit, get it here!!!

another discontinued polini kit. get em while they last


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5 of 5 CASE MATCH January 16, 2012
taco eater : Ascoute from the Zeros from toledo, OH United States  
im hitting 51 with this kit a hack and weld boss pipe and the 14.12, as Chad mentioned it works well uncase matched (personally I run kits uncase matched for the break in, then case match once the kit is good and broken in) but once you match this thing up it rips hard, 50mph on 57cc's? I'll take it

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4 of 5 Universal kit May 25, 2011
taco eater : Chad Burke from Kalamazoo, MI United States  
Hey everyone, this kit will fit both pre and post 1985 engines.  It performs well on case matched as well as uncase matched engines. Dykes ring, great compression. For a little more power, open up the exhaust port some with a dremel.

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