morini 43mm custom cut HIHI head - for MORINI POLINI
morini 43mm custom cut HIHI head - for MORINI POLINI



custom cut squish head specifically designed for the morini polini 43mm kits!!!

this is a modified 45mm 70cc puch hihi comp head that has been cut to have the proper squish angle and dome profile for the kits listed above. the stud holes are almost the same as puch, so it'll fit morini! you'll want to quickly file out a little bit of each stud hole though to make the head drop right on. if you don't, there is the possibility of causing the cylinder studs to bend slightly when torquing down the head.

keep in mind this head is a a hair larger than a regular morini head so you may need to do a lil fin trimming to fit your bike. also forward facing carbs may cause an issue?

uses short thread spark plugs

***note that there is some very small pitting from the initial casting of the heads. it will not affect the performance do not fret***

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