mike thomas puch five star hub ONLY - BLACK
mike thomas puch five star hub ONLY - BLACK



****ATTN: This new batch has a slight aesthetic blemish and the anodized coating. it won't effect performance at all though!****

***these are now sold in individual pieces!!*** this is for the HUB only!

mike thomas of arizona developed and created a NEW NEW NEWWWW front disc brake set up with custom machined hub for the puch 5 star mag wheel!

you will need to get a 12mm sealed bearing axle, (preferably a 165mm wide axle but any wider would be just fine) and you'll also need to get the appropriate 12mm axle spacers to get it lined up with your caliper perfectly.

mounting hardware is not included, get it here -

x5 - M8 partially threaded 75mm hex bolts
x5 - M8 coupler nuts
x5 - M8 split washers

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