metric COUPLER nuts
  metric coupler nuts


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metric coupler nuts. very handy for certain things. use em for engine stud nuts. connect two bolts. lots of uses. im gonna get 4 M6 coupler nuts and put em on my magnum. then i'll never need a 10mm long socket ever again. so if i need to give my head a little tighten up on the go, no problem, i can use any 10mm socket!

zinc plated

check drop down menu for available sizes

we have

M5 - 0.8 - 8mm hex - 15mm long
M6 - 1.0 - 10mm hex - 18mm long
M7 - 1.0 - 11mm hex - 19mm long
M8 - 1.25 - 13mm hex - 24mm long

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I have the confidence! August 22, 2014
taco eater: Andy Steshenko from Santa Cruz, CA United States  
For peace of mind, they're worth it. I hate stripping stuff, especially stuff like cylinder studs, so i got these for peace of mind. Tons of threading area.

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You can't buy Metric m6 at OSH. September 5, 2012
taco eater: Jesus from Los Angeles, CA United States  
Most dont carry coupling in metric. This are awesome because it will have prevent stripping your engine bolts.

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$$$ July 14, 2012
taco eater: Christina Lucas from Sacramento, CA United States  
I could get 4 of these at OSH for this price...wawa

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