metric COUPLER nuts
metric coupler nuts


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metric coupler nuts. very handy for certain things. use em for engine stud nuts. connect two bolts. lots of uses. im gonna get 4 M6 coupler nuts and put em on my magnum. then i'll never need a 10mm long socket ever again. so if i need to give my head a little tighten up on the go, no problem, i can use any 10mm socket!

zinc plated

check drop down menu for available sizes

we have

M5 - 0.8 - 8mm hex - 15mm long
M6 - 1.0 - 10mm hex - 18mm long
M7 - 1.0 - 11mm hex - 19mm long
M8 - 1.25 - 13mm hex - 24mm long

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5 of 5 Yepp November 28, 2021
taco eater : Moped Madman from Murrieta, CA Independent Kingdom of Treatland  
Gotta have these for attaching your head, perfectly seats in your socket wrench for hassle free installation, you know you drop those puny stock ten mil nuts nine times outta ten tryin to get them on those cylinder studs so stop messin around and invest in these, saved me at least a month's worth of time and who knows how much asprin. At least buy one and use it to get the little guys on there

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5 of 5 My Saviour... November 23, 2019
taco eater : Freaktion from Lake Park, GA United States  
M7 1.00 only exists in this dimension if you are right with the Treatland. My junkpile friction-drive build is saved!!!

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5 of 5 nuts for your studs August 2, 2016
taco eater : Kevin Pierce from Lynnwood, WA United States  
I have these in place of regular heat nuts. kept stripping the normal sized nuts on long runs. Installed these in place and have never stripped one.

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5 of 5 I have the confidence! August 22, 2014
taco eater : Andy Steshenko from Santa Cruz, CA United States  
For peace of mind, they're worth it. I hate stripping stuff, especially stuff like cylinder studs, so i got these for peace of mind. Tons of threading area.

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5 of 5 You can't buy Metric m6 at OSH. September 5, 2012
taco eater : Jesus from Los Angeles, CA United States  
Most dont carry coupling in metric. This are awesome because it will have prevent stripping your engine bolts.

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