honda urban express nu50 stocko shocko BIG BORE party - level 1
honda urban express nu50 stocko shocko BIG BORE party


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

honda urban express nu50 big bore party pack with pretty much all the stuff you need! comes with a big bore 60cc stocko shocko kit, big bore custom cut head, big bore dellorto 15 sha carburetor, big bore MLM intake and a big bore MLM next level stock pipe! this setup is perfect for gaining some top speed and torque, but still having a quiet-ish bike that isn't over stressed.

make sure you USE THE RIGHT SHIM. it comes with a 1.5mm shim inside the carb and an extra 1mm shim with it. use the 1mm shim!!!!!! take the thicker one out and put the thinner one in so it fits on the intake!!

you will need to change your main jet in the carb so grab some main jets here!!! 70s-80s+ or even higher!! always start with a high number jet and work your way down!!!!!

your original throttle cable WILL NOT WORK with this carburetor. what do you do?!?! hence it comes with a new throttle cable!!

now's the time to replace those crappy stock metal reeds with some performance reeds while you're in there!

also comes with some cylinder studs, exhaust studs, nuts and washers!! yup!

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