MLM pedal shaft extender - 1.75" - shorter version
MLM pedal shaft extender - 1.75"

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motion left mopeds stainless steel 1.75" pedal shaft extender. it has two stainless M8 set screws, one is suppose to go on the flat of the pedal shaft where the wedge bolt would normally be to ensure good grip.

It will fit all 16mm pedal arms and pedal shafts of all moped even motors with internal pedal shafts and it will extend your pedal up to 1.75" out!

NOTE the actual 16mm shaft with the cotter pin cutout is 4.5mm shorter than the 2" version we sell. this means that magnum style pedals like the "his and hers" will NOT fit with this!!!!! it will fit any other thin style pedals you throw at it though (tomos, minarelli, frenchie, derbi, etc)

great work MLM!

as alwayssss!

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2 of 5 Doesn't hold September 2, 2016
taco eater : jus saying from Hamilton, Bermuda  
I've tried this version and the longer version. You cannot torgue down enough on the pedal shaft to stop it from slipping on the flat part where the cutter pin goes and the other screw is just useless.

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3 of 5 Extends it does, but the screws are kinda...screwy June 11, 2016
taco eater : Alan from Washington, DC United States  
This has the same problem as the 2" variant.

It seems to come loose a lot. I removed the screw that goes against the flat part after a brief ride and it was very difficult. It seems that the end of the screw mushroomed out a bit and gets stuck.

Maybe replacing it with a harder screw would do the trick. Idk, i'm just gonna weld it on.

They should make an extender that uses a standard cotter pin to mount to the shaft. Idk why bother with the dumb allen screws.

The actual extender piece is milled nicely though.

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