honda hobbit 46mm SUPER STREET kit pack with custom cut head
honda hobbit 46mm SUPER STREET kit pack with custom cut head


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:


get ready for ultimate RIPPAGE with the honda hobbit 46mm POLINI kit + the new 46mm super street head with NO decomp!

***we are outta DR kits at the moment, so for now you get a POLINI kit instead!!***

no more leaks, higher compression, perfect match. time to step it up!


the 70cc 46mm DR kit for honda hobbit camino pa50 pa50II. This will also fit NC50, NA50, and NU50 but you will have to trim the fins to seat the cylinder to the cases.

you get all gaskets, piston, rings, piston clips, wrist pin and cylinder of course. also includes hardware to mount the pipe and carb!

the custom cut head included is matched for your 46mm kit. SUPER STREET means this head has high compression, made for racing and fast setups!

get a better than stock replacement piston here!!

if you mess it up you can get a better than stock OVERBORE piston here!!

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3 of 5 DR kit v good, puchhonda head not so much August 5, 2021
taco eater : Marc B from New Orleans , LA United States  
DR kit is banging af, ripping and staying cool and all the good things you want it to do. Highly recommend. The head on this ole dealio really was frustrating tho.

Yea you need the shorter studs that’s all good, problem is even tho the slots are cut to the proper bolt pattern, to actually tighten a nut down you need a super skinny socket, or those really long boi nuts. The wavy thing going on with the fins make it too tight to fit a regular old socket where the new custom slots are cut. Tbh I think that should be mentioned in the description alongside the stud info. Also I blew 2 head gaskets that shredded in the exact same way/spot so that was sus, but maybe my fault who knows.

Just swapped to the derbhobbit head, and gee golly is it way better. Bolts right on with the shorter studs and the forewarned fin trimming. Bigger n better anyway.

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5 of 5 Slapped her on me ol' PA50I March 2, 2019
taco eater : Barry from Groveport, OH United States  
This was super easy to install, went together smooth. You'll need shorter head bolts as the stock bolts are about something-something-mm too long. Fired right up and sounds great through the Jammy pipe too.

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