honda hobbit UPGRADE DR kit overbore pistons
honda hobbit UPGRADE DR kit overbore pistons

piston size

high quality overbore UPGRADE DR piston for the 46mm DR kit! just in case of that time where your piston melted a little and done messed up your big bore kit man! go big or go home is what I always say! or use it to overbore your cast iron scooty cylinder! check out the dimensions below to see if it's what ya need.

we carry multiple diameter overbore pistons! check the dropdown above to see what's currently in stock. we've got:

46.4mm, 46.6mm, 47mm and 48mm!

comes with piston, rings, wrist pin, and clips

10mm wrist pin size
distance from top (not including crown) to center of wrist pin opening = 24.5mm
total length = 49mm

made by METEOR

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