derbi piston port/pyramid reed crank PAR-T-PACK
derbi piston port/pyramid reed crank PAR-T-PACK


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

super fun & exciting goody bag with a fresh new super stuffy crank and the 2 bearings and 2 seals that go on the crank!!!

this works for bikes like piston port or pyramid reed derbi variants and others like laguna, c5, and rd50, but NOT flat reed variants or any other flat reed or revolution bikes!

comes with:

why should you get the party pack? hm...well you actually save in the end. to be exact, you save 8 cents by getting it all together in this special funtime assortment, so its like were paying you to party. plus, its easy. i know i hate the finger pain associated with clicking and dragging along the heavy mouse. give yourself a break already!!!!

join the fun and order yours

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