custom cut 44mm high compression head - for PUCH 44mm AIRSAL - super street
custom cut 44mm high compression head - for PUCH 44mm AIRSAL




custom cut squish head specifically designed for the puch 44mm airsal kit! that's right, the squish angle is is perfectly cut for the airsal piston dome!

this one is cut to super street specs meaning it has a pinch more compression and is more suited for your super ripper setup!

these heads have been machined to have a squish of 1.00mm when using the original airsal head and base gaskets! want a lil less compression? slap a slightly thicker base gasket on there!! want more compression? slap a slightly thinner base gasket on there!

***note that there is some very small pitting from the initial casting of the heads. it will not affect the performance do not fret***

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4 of 5 Careful March 27, 2022
taco eater : i love the airsal 65 from newbury, MA United States  
Ya gotta run this kit and head with a 1.0mm base spacer or you'll detonate even if you're timed at 15 degrees.  Ask me how I know.  I've three bikes with the airsal 65.  One runs a stock alu head.  Two run the 44mm head.  The one with the 1.0mm head did not detonate and runs flawlessly.  The other 44mm head with the .35mm base gasket detonated.

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