puch 65cc airsal cylinder kit - 44mm
puch 65cc airsal cylinder kit - 44mm



puch airsal 65cc 44mm kit, for puch mopeds. yes.

comes with cylinder, piston, rings, wrist pin, clips, exhaust studs + head, base and exhaust gaskets


••••please take note this kit does not work with the puch o-ring heads because this kit has a decomp hole that wont get sealed with those heads!•••

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5 of 5 Best slap on puch kit? May 2, 2019
taco eater : Graham Motzing from Eau Claire, WI United States  
Just installed one of these for the first time, super good quality, super conservative stock-like porting.  Perfect kit for a slap-on/ 14 bing/ bushing con rod kinda deal. Ring gap was perfect out of the box and the ports are all really nicely cast and chamferred.  The quality is every bit as good as the malossi for like 1/3 the price.    Wish i had known about this kit years ago, it is an absolute winner.

CAUTION:  If you are installing this on a ZA , the piston will hit the nubbin at BDC.  Make sure you dry fit everything first (duh) and grind 1-2 mm off the bottom of the skirt.  The skirt is scooped out for intake timing so you wont actually change timing by doing this, really its just the exhaust side skirt that needs modified but i did both of them with a belt sander in about 4 seconds.

oh yea, also, not a lot of clearance around the exhaust port for the exhaust flange on yer pipe, plan on having to trim either the fins or the exhaust flange..

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5 of 5 Love this kit January 10, 2019
taco eater : Rev from Louisville KY  
This kit is great. I like it better than the OG Metras. I usually chamfer the ports, cut some new gaskets, and install quickly. I don't even bother with the rings. I haven't needed to. This kit is great quality right out of the box. I have found it's best paired with a circuit pipe for some great take off and mid.

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5 of 5 I like it March 4, 2016
taco eater : Anonymous Person from CO  
I've had this kit on my wife's bike for about 2 years now. I've been happy with it. I'm getting 45mph out of it without case matching, 16x45 gearing and a 14mm bing.

I did have some weird issues in the beginning though. It was tough to get the piston into the cylinder for some reason. Never had that problem before.

It's a reliable kit.

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5 of 5 Buy it. February 5, 2016
taco eater : luis solis from norwalk , CA United States  
Put this on a swinger drove it DD for 5 months and still ripping no issues. 14 Bing 72 jet 222 atomizer side bleed estirol. thanks ken for the info. Solid street driver 45mph all day long at about 340 degrees. Hold at WOT for solid 5 miles a day. Case match but not porting easy.

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5 of 5 love it July 30, 2014
taco eater : victor medina from baldwin park, CA United States  
ported per nash below, went a little wider on the exhaust and raised it just a smidge. 52mph on 17x45 gears using a high comp head. Temps got into the 380's. Using a restricted estoril and 14mm bing.

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