vespa piaggio malossi clutch springs set - for variator
vespa malossi clutch springs


depending on its own geometrical and technological features, each spring has a well defined value of load elongation ratio (K). therefore, elongation values being equal, a spring that requires a higher strength, will have a higher load-elongation ratio (k). inside a clutch unit , springs specifically aim at fixing the coupling point of clutch masses on the clutch unit drum cap, thus opposing the clutch mass expansion movement produced by the centrifugal force. so, the higher the load elongation ratio (K) of the clutch spring, the higher the rotation speed of the motor at which the clutch unit will transfer power to the wheel (coupling point) and make you go fast n stuff.

now that you know that, know this also - these springs are for euro rear variator clutch assemblies only, they don't work with the US ones you might be familiar with. so they don't work with these clutch pads, see the different springs there. EURO ONLY. so go get a euro clutch. im sure it's way better!

comes with three different spring sets of different tensions for clutch tuning. vespa piaggio mopeds with euro variators. variated ciao, si, super bravo. . .? and what ever else you put it on, ciao, bravo, grande yeah even kinetic.

THIS JUST IN!!! these springs totally work on the za50 treat clutches!! tune yer 2 speed clutches now for ultimate blastiness.

length = 20mm
OD = 7.8mm

29 7307

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5 of 5 worth every penny February 20, 2013
taco eater : Ryan Nash from Columbia, MO United States  
you are dumb if you have a kitted vespa and a euro clutch and do not have these springs.

black is 2k
yellow is 4.5k
white is 7k

I have white in mine because I was bored and now I can pull wheelies at any throttle position with my 47mm DEPS and calibrata pipe.  Get a stiffer contra spring while you're at it and an aftermarket variator (polini + malossi belt mmmhmmm!!!)...

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