vespa piaggio moped new clutch pads for rear variators
vespa piaggio clutch shoes pads variator

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complete clutch pack for variating vespa + kinetic mopeds. never before seen 3 shoe clutch with springs full package deal

these WILL NOT work with the EURO rear clutch assemblies. these pads lack the slight taper to the top of em, the pads are narrower and the pivot post holes are about double the diameter of the EURO ones.

so these are the clutch shoes for the variated vespa piaggio mopeds. found stock on grande, bravo and si. these have never been available before now. for anyone using the variated vespas, this is so cool. right? hey, hey, wake up out of your vespa coma.

variator clutch

pivot holes are a bit over 7mm !!

ciao, bravo, grande, si, boxer, kinetic, tfr

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5 of 5 Grande Variated Clutch Approved. September 7, 2016
taco eater : Ninja from New York, NY United States  
Once the motor hit, it would be chugging away but the rear wheel would barely move/stop. I would rev the motor to get the wheel to spin again. Long story short the clutch pads were worn to hell. Replaced with these hum-dinggers now the rear wheel moves at idle like it should.

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3 of 5 balance issues May 22, 2015
taco eater : scott middleton from roeland park, KS United States  
one of the clutch shoes was 7 grams heavier than the other two.  horrible vibrations if they aren't balanced!

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4 of 5 yup they fit! February 12, 2014
taco eater : brenton w from michigan  
These are great for replacing your rusty crusty, non-pivotal, spring-stuck stock clutch pads!

mine came with springs and the little slider pads too!

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4 of 5 Pivotal Pads May 10, 2010
taco eater : Octavio from Corvallis, OR  
Awesome new pads! Be sure to check the pivot point pins on your current clutch base. My existing pins were too small and I had to make some bushings to get these to fit on proper.

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