tomos a35 alukit 70cc kit for the people - 45mm version
tomos a35 alukit 70cc kit




NEW NEW NEW super hi quality aluminum 45mm 70cc cylinder kit. same as the other tomos alukit but now it's 45mm instead of 44mm. so you get more power!

this is the largest and most powerful bolt on 70cc cylinder for tomos a35 available, most of the other cylinders are 44mm, but the extra mm ohh the power ohh yes yes more more plz

includes cylinder, piston, rings, wrist pin, clips and some gaskets! (head, base and exhaust) everything ya need to go go go go. invented by treatland, for the people in the year 2010

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4 of 5 Awesome, just be careful May 8, 2016
taco eater : Brenan from SC United States  
put it on a tomos, piece of cake. revved and pulled like a dream, but my carb didnt get enough gas, ran lean, and seized the rings to the piston. It was a relatively easy fixed, but i reccomend sanding down the grooves on the piston to stay safe. still a great kit.

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5 of 5 yes April 14, 2016
taco eater : Anonymous Person from OH United States  
my first kit. this thing looked like it was made out of white clay, casting was roughy and it was dipped in some sort of jizz. a bit of glossy bbq now I'm looking stock ripping hard. said fuck it and just bolted it on and changed the jet. 1515 and homoet went from 35 maybe to riding people's ass on a 45 at half throttle. just stupid performance for the $. if u want ez speed with all around power freaking buy it man

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5 of 5 This kit put me in the hospital March 11, 2016
taco eater : Lou Heck from Allston, USA  
Casematched and ported, E50, phbg 20, 4 petal Reed block, Diego exhaust. Was hitting 50+ til a dude cut me off and I highsided. Bitchin kit though

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5 of 5 The Best, Around November 17, 2015
taco eater : DAS Riot from Detroit, MI United States  
This kit kicks some serious shit.  Seriously.  High quality, cheap, great porting, slap it on an A35 or A55 and go.  Absolutely needs a hi comp head (get the newer style, not the kstar old fin style).  Get four pedal reeds, too.  No one has ever regretted that.  I loved this kit on an e50 -- it is even better on a Tomos.

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4 of 5 Vibrator September 13, 2013
taco eater : louis partida from Virginia Beach, VA United States  
Great kit took all of an hour to get on and tuned, 19mm blkblk carb, 19mm intake with carbon fiber reeds, Fuego exhaust 28mm header, and with the included head gasket my 50cc hihi comp head fit. hitting 50+ only problem is it feels like i'm riding a giant vibrator, gonna isolate the exhaust a little more and see what happens.

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