HPI CDI mini rotor ignition system for puch tomos sachs and derbi
PUCH HPI CDI mini rotor ignition system



new HPI CDI mini rotor ignition for ALL puch mopeds, E50 - ZA50 whatever ya got. so this new mini external rotor is actually lighter than the HPI internal rotor!

this version has an integrated 60W light coil for super bright lights!! great curve and comes with all you need to make the change. plus you can adjust your stator anytime even with the flywheel mounted!

+ remember this will mount up to any other moped with the same taper as puch, with a little work maybe, or no work. it might install itself. but try with tomos A35, tomos A55, any derbi moped, sachs, peugeot with cdi crank, motobecane? maybe yes and more...wait there is more! fits on zundapp and kreidler oh man what doesn't this fit on?! also fits on derbi GPR even! wow who knew? need info on this? yes you do so look here!

uses a 27mm x 1mm left hand thread puller!!!!!

always use a resistor boot or resistor plug when running a cdi or you run the risk of burning up your cdi box!

the trail tech voltage regulator works the best with the mini rotor!

the stator may be black, red or gold, champage, orange, pink, purple, or manilla envelope color. whichever color HPI sends out. its not something we can choose, so its not something you can choose either. sry!

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5 of 5 So good so far 👍🏽 February 22, 2023
taco eater : Lane Adams from Huntington Beach , CA United States  
Gave me some trouble out the box with the machined timing mark on the stator being off by a couple mm and having to make my own mark and figuring out grounding the ht coil to the frame but ended up custom mounting it and worked perfect . Have it at 13° btdc rn and will advance it til 20°+ when I install temp gauge and brace my clutch and I’ll get back to y’all…

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5 of 5 Awesome upgrade January 9, 2023
taco eater : Philip Starkweather from Sinclairville, NY United States  
I run with my 70cc airsal kit. It's fool proof. I had the magnets shatter on me (glue broke loose) emailed HPI directly and they sent me another flywheel for free! If unsure how to install this watch Cornped's YouTube video.

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5 of 5 This ignition will rip your arms out of your socke June 6, 2022
taco eater : Thomas Peffer from Lakewood, OH United States  
Installed this ignition on a Puch Newport e50 kitted with Treats 70cc reed. Much faster spin up and top speed jumped 5 mph due to the retarding ignition. Set it at 2.5mm btdc and blast! Thank you Treatland for fast shipping as always😎

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2 of 5 shit the bed after 2 miles February 21, 2022
taco eater : mihaly pazar from egg harbor township, NJ United States  
EDIT THERES 2 MARKS on the stator DO NOT mind those, the directions make you think ones for cw and the other for ccw, find tdc and line up logo to logo, will report back.  But believe people that had issue all did the same thing i did. it will run fine for a few miles then run like shit after

Had treats CDI with blue cdi box nice blue spark hitting 40s, felt like it wanted to rip my dick skin off, but was nervous about when it would quit. won Super Bowl square party at work, figured why not. easily installed sounded great at 2mm BTDC, took it on a trip. no low end and couldn't get above 25 mph, 6 plugs later new boot, new HT coil weak weak spark. temps never went above 200...hopefully will get this replaced. but who knows how long this one will last.

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5 of 5 works great! August 25, 2021
taco eater : Troll from IL United States  
man i had nothing but problems when my buddy set this up-- then i hit up Treats and they set me right!

1) red locktite on the inside of the flywheel
2) blue locktite on the nut
3) you should have one of these (or similar)-- anything else is a PITA/impossible- https://www.treatland.tv/buzzetti-micrometer-p/buzzetti-ignition-micrometer.htm
4) have a piston stop to really get it cranked on after
5) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mH9IVF1RMVQ is good but the curve is misunderstood in the video-- the HPI doesn't advance it, it retards the curve as RPMs go up in order to keep the engine cooler... so you can run it more aggressively.

on the burning out issue:
1) the electrical components get hot, you shouldn't be stuffing them under the frame (we made a mount for outside
2) keep it dry

those two things seem to be the two biggest issues with it.

Hot spark, and i can run 12v AC/DC LEDs from a boat now! hot diggity i can see down the road at night!

I'll update if blows up

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