MLM tomos A35 intake for malossi 4 petal + mikuni vm18
MLM tomos A35 intake for malossi 4 petal + mikuni vm18



18mm intake for mounting a mikuni vm18 to your A35 stock cylinder or big bore kit plus the malossi 4 petal intake!

this intake faces to the side. nice n short and should clear the frame no prob.

grab a bolt set for mounting this intake here!!

oh this just in! this intake will also work with a dellorto PHBG clamp style carb with the 1.5mm shim and the spigot style!

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4 of 5 It works April 10, 2017
taco eater : Kyle from Portland, OR United States  
I would prefer if this angled forward a bit but my pedals do clear the carb and filter. I'm using an angled filter (90 degree bend Malossi red filter) so that might help. It's not enough room to comfortably pedal the bike but at least the pedals aren't whacking the filter when I kick it over and if you're pedaling everywhere you've probably got bigger issues anyways.

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2 of 5 uhhhh. its got issues May 27, 2016
taco eater : texas pete  
faces straight out to the right with a malossi 4 petal. holes match up just fine. works, but has clearance issues

2 notes:
- get some hex bolts for your reed box cuz only a flat lil wrench will fit!! use malossi lengths (the ones that come with the 4 petal). it'll clear the frame with about 1.5cm to spare at the top, and maybe 2.5cm at the lower end. it has to be put on once the cylinder is already set on the case, otherwise it'll hit the frame.

- the angle is pretty bad. once a carb is on, the stock a35 pedal crank whacks the filter side. i guarantee that'll happen to any carb as soon as a filter is put on. might be a different story if you chop the end off, run a clamp style carb, and use a really thin filter, idk. it'd really help to rotate the tube counterclockwise a bit, get it facing out the front, so if you have a bench vise and a torch.....

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