MLM puch maxi side stand
MLM puch side stand



heavy duty side stand that bolts to your original center stand mount for puch maxi and similar height bikes like cobra, newport, and others!!! includes spacer shims and you can even use your original return spring!!!!

will it fit others? hmm, lets see...

maxi = yes
newport = yes
cobra = yes
freespirit = NO
magnum = NO
maxi N rigid = NO

get it...?

this WILL work for e50 (3 bolt mount) and za50 (4 bolt mount) because there are holes drilled to accommodate each.

stand is approximately 170mm long

shims are 3mm and 1.5mm thick

get a new return spring here if you need one!!

you may need slightly longer bolts, here are the stock length bolts and here are some hex bolts if needed, most likely 40mm is best for using shims

another expertly executed product by motion left mopeds!!!

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