MLM motobecane techno EDM pipe
MLM motobecane techno EDM pipe

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this has to be one of the sickest MLM pipes to date, the motobecane techno EDM ripper 'zaust. slap this work of art onto your frenchie for ultimate rippage on stock or kitted bikes. has a screw mount and center mount. looks good, performs even better!

construction is part welded, part stamped. a collaboration of man and machine!

**does not clear pedals. use the special made MLM mbk extended pedal shaft or MLM pedal shaft extender with this pipe!!!**

22mm ID header
super strong mounting bracket
heavy duty exhaust threaded nut
High temp black powder coat
Spring mounted baffle
And....a really really good night's sleep knowing you bought the right pipe

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3 of 5 It fits! June 28, 2021
taco eater : Chris Double You from New Jersey.  
Had to cut mounting bracket as previously described in the review.  Natural alignment was about an 1" to the side of the bottom bracket after screwing in the pipe.  I was able to force it into place with some effort.

Having similar issues with tab wear in other review.  It really bounces around under certain revs and stationary in others.  What's the solution?  Reinforced or reweld a new tab?  A stronger spring to keep it in place?  Is it my tuning?

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4 of 5 Pretty Sweet Pipe April 13, 2021
taco eater : Malcolm B from MAINE  
This is a great way to avoid using frenchie pipe hardware. Everything lined up great although i had to cut about an inch off the rear support bracket to get it on. Looks great, mine came with a big ass wrench and a clamp for the exhaust nut. Feels nice and light. We'll see how it holds up on my av7 parma kit rattle machine.

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2 of 5 Quality issues... April 12, 2018
taco eater : Ascoute, Zeros from Toledo, OH United States  
Ok, let me start off by saying I like this pipe, but it has some issues, like the previous review stated, its a tight fit, that is if it fits, I have this pipe and a buddy has one, we got his on but mine had to be cut up a bit  to fit on the bike, then the damn spring mounted about 5 miles the spring ate through the tab on the baffle itself and the thing went flying away, to its credit the pavement didnt even dent it, but it shouldnt have broken. Maybe mine just has some quality control issues, but its a bummer non the less.

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5 of 5 MLM Been Hittin’ The Pipe Again! January 4, 2018
taco eater : Ashley Ackley from minneapolis, MN United States  
A new pipe with some new ideas!

Just enough play in the silencer to take up some of the shakey shake. The spring doesn’t look like it will rattle against anything!

This pipe is made for AV7, definitely won’t fit the euro av10 exhaust mount and won’t screw in because of the angle.

The fit is VERY tight if you have the variator cover on, but none of you have that still do ya?

The chamber isn’t a gianelli size, but won’t hold you back.

Hand welds and quality thick metal with a lovely powder coat finish!

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