MLM pedal shaft extender - 2" - version 2.0!!!!!!
MLM pedal shaft extender - 2"


motion left mopeds stainless steel 2" pedal shaft extender. it has two stainless M8 set screws, one is suppose to go on the flat of the pedal shaft where the wedge bolt would normally be to ensure good grip.


the set screw style extender we previously sold has been totally phased out! these now accept up to a 9.5mm cotter pin (not included) to fix it to the pedal shaft. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND - all pedal shafts have their keyways cut at different depths so you may find you need a different size cotter pin.

Special bonus - If using our magnum pedal shaft you'll want a 9mm cotter pin to afix this to the shaft.

Please keep in mind the cotter pin size you will need to attach this to your pedal shaft will vary depending on your pedal shaft due to the varying size of the cotter pin cutaway on different shafts. We will try to list some known combinations here shortly.

It will fit all 16mm pedal arms and pedal shafts of all moped even motors with internal pedal shafts and it will extend your pedal up to 2" out!

the actual 16mm shaft where the pedal arm attaches to the shaft measures 30mm so it will work with all types of pedal arms! yay! that means this fits magnum style arms like these. however if you have a free spirit or magnum frame, the shaft tube in the frame might block the extender from going on... boo! but be prepared to do a lil cutty cutty on either the extender or your frame and all will be well! back to yay!

great work MLM!

as alwayssss!

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5 of 5 borat voice very nice August 31, 2021
taco eater : ya boi ian from Portland, ME United States  
If you really think about it, it's pretty wild that such a niche product even exists at all. Very happy that I am able to put incredibly loud and terrifying exhausts on my moped and still use the pedals.

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5 of 5 It's All True April 22, 2021
taco eater : Chinatown Kicks from Boston USA  
This mounts solidly onto a Maxi shaft, making it long enough to use your pedals with a big-ass Crank pipe or whatever you have on there.  It's handled probably thousands of pedal-starts over the past year with no ill effects. Looking at the reviews, I would buy another one of these before an aftermarket Magnum crank.

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5 of 5 awesome March 4, 2021
taco eater : Malcolm Browne from MAINE  
this thing is great now i can run my dusty old simonini pipe ive had in a box for 10 years. super nice quality part for the $$$.  did not have any issues with this on my magnum. i have the 1980 swiss cheese frame. if you got a big pipe run this!

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5 of 5 Quality August 14, 2020
taco eater : anon from spaceship earth  
This pedal shaft extender is an absolute life saver. This extender allowed me to run pedals and an original kick-starter unit on a Motobecane with h2o av10. The quality, engineering, and fit is amazing. There is zero play and the tolerances are tight. It's hefty and the machining is excellent. It looks like it will outlast the rest of moped.

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5 of 5 Must have June 23, 2020
taco eater : Anonymous Person from OR United States  
Wanted to keep my pedals and centerstand when putting a Doppler pipe on a Pug. Scrapes on the stand but otherwise its perfect! I have a ninja g2 which is a bit smaller and would fit but would scrape when its on the stand, extender solved that.

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