MLM honda MB5 aluminum rear rack
MLM honda MB5 aluminum rear rack



today is a good day. introducing a rear luggage rack specifically made for the honda mb5...RAD...

super well made, light and sturdy aluminum rack made by motion left in the USA. pop a milk crate or basket or blankets or beer or whatever on there and RIP

you will need the grab rails to use this rack!! if you dont have them, MLM has some here for ya!

the rack portion is about 230 x 230mm on the surface

two mounting holes are 225mm away from each other and comes with clamps for the other mount and hardware!! got ya all set up!!!


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5 of 5 dopecontent July 27, 2020
taco eater : Andrew Wrase from Saint Cloud , MN United States  
my MB5 came with this and the front rack. They are an absolute must if you daily your MB. I hauled an entire box of pitbike parts across town on this before. 125 honda clone, forks, wheels 100++lbs of shit and it's large and sturdy enough for whatever crazy shit you might want to throw at it.

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4 of 5 How does this badboy mount? November 3, 2016
taco eater : AC from Ann Arbor, MI United States  
Seems like you also need to have the left and right grab bars/blinker bracket things?

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