HPI CDI mini rotor ignition system for yamaha QT50
HPI CDI mini rotor ignition system for yamaha QT50


new HPI CDI mini rotor ignition for yamaha QT50! this could possibly fit other yamaha models like YT60 but we don't really know. so this new mini external rotor is actually lighter than the HPI internal rotor!

MASSIVE REVIEW on this kit including install advice and more is to be found HERE. I highly recommend reading over everything here before your purchase if you want to get some tips!

this version has an integrated 60W light coil for super bright lights! great curve and comes with all you need to make the change. plus you can adjust your stator anytime even with the flywheel mounted!

the trail tech voltage regulator is recommended for use with the mini rotor!

uses a 27mm x 1mm left hand thread puller!

the stator may be black, red or gold, whichever color HPI sends out. its not something we can choose, so its not something you can choose either.

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4 of 5 Ride all day with all mods & don't sweat the heat September 21, 2019
taco eater : J R R Rutherford from Columbus, OH United States  
biggest advantage to this ignition system is the ability to dial in the timing and saying goodbye to soaring engine temps.  In fact, I feel like I could ditch the temp gauge altogether.  Complete review here - http://qt50.net/yamaha-qt50/hpi-ignition-install-and-setup/

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