HPI CDI mini rotor ignition system for peugeot 103 - LARGE taper
HPI CDI mini rotor ignition system for peugeot 103 - LARGE taper


new HPI CDI mini rotor ignition for LARGE taper peugeot 102, 103, tsm, tsa n more!...... so this new mini external rotor is actually lighter than the HPI internal rotor!

this version has an integrated 60W light coil for super bright lights! great curve and comes with all you need to make the change. plus you can adjust your stator anytime even with the flywheel mounted!

the trail tech voltage regulator is recommended for use with the mini rotor!

uses a 27mm x 1mm left hand thread puller!

the stator may be black, red or gold, whichever color HPI sends out. its not something we can choose, so its not something you can choose either.

may have a few scratches on the base plate from its world tour

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some modification needed August 23, 2017
taco eater : Ryan Nash from New Orleans, LA United States  
if you have stock cases please be comfortable with a belt sander or have access to a mill because you will need to take about 4mm or so off of the back of the adapter plate.  If you try to bolt it up without doing that then the rotor will not bite the crank taper and will bottom out on the stator!  Keep taking material off of the back of the adapter plate little by little until you can tighten the rotor down and it doesn't bottom out on the stator.  You will most likely need to flip your case bolts around with the heads facing the ignition in order to get this to bolt up!  After that work, it bolts up and rips!

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