HPI CDI mini rotor ignition system for mbk
HPI CDI mini rotor ignition system for mbk



new HPI CDI mini rotor ignition for motobecane mopeds...... so this new mini external rotor is actually lighter than the HPI internal rotor!

fits perfectly on av10 cases. av7 might require a super duper small amount of filing around the inner edge of the adapter plate to make it fit perfecto.

this version has an integrated 60W light coil for super bright lights! great curve and comes with all you need to make the change. plus you can adjust your stator anytime even with the flywheel mounted!

the trail tech voltage regulator is recommended for use with the mini rotor!

uses a 27mm x 1mm left hand thread puller!

the stator may be black, red or gold, whichever color HPI sends out. its not something we can choose, so its not something you can choose either.

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Peugeot 103 December 7, 2015
taco eater : Dpcmpc Walt Ottaviano from Sarasota, FL United States  
Mbk hpi works on (Polini av10 reed cases ) no adapter shim needed ...and use 103 large taper crank.
It all fit fine with no issues had 1.5mm of clearance rotor to plate  .I machine 1mm off back plate to give me just little  more room for rotor  and stator plate .
Also if want run polini launch lever going have machine or dremel . 1 if mount lug off the plate  .it's not being used any way.
Set it and  forget it it's thing rips

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amazing but adapter plate needs machining April 14, 2013
taco eater : Lucky 2 Strokes from boston, MA United States  
For a customers bike with these av10 polini cases (https://www.treatland.tv/motobecane-polini-AV10-performance-case-completo-p/mbk-polini-case-170.0100.htm)we had to machine his adapter plate down 2mm to get the rotor to fit onto the taper. After that the bike ripped so hard my nose bled and i wet myself simultaneously.

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