HPI CDI mini rotor ignition system for garelli VIP & Avanti
HPI CDI mini rotor ignition system for garelli VIP


new HPI CDI mini rotor ignition for garelli VIP!! Also fits directly on Avanti since they are clones of the VIP.

If you are having trouble telling which garelli you have, you prob don't need this, but if your engine has a screw on exhaust pipe and is vertical then ya got a VIP/Avanti.

this version has an integrated 60W light coil for super bright lights!! great curve and comes with all you need to make the change.

uses a 27mm x 1mm left hand thread puller!!!!!

always use a resistor boot or resistor plug when running a cdi or you run the risk of burning up your cdi box!

the trail tech voltage regulator works the best with the mini rotor!

the stator may be black, red or gold, whichever color HPI sends out. its not something we can choose, so its not something you can choose either.

these now come with two leads along with the cdi harness off the stator. the yellow with with the ring terminal is grounded and the other yellow wire with a female spade connector goes to lights!

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