17" black bernardi 3 star DISC PARTY SHINDIG
17" black bernardi 3 star DISC PARTY SHINDIG


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

17" black bernardi three star disco party comes with a brand new bernardi 3 star mag wheel brake disc specifically made to fit it!! the wheel already has a spacer and sealed bearings! yessss

this can fit almost any bike - wheel takes up 110mm width so anything appropriately larger than that will accommodate this wheel setup...puch, peugeot, motobecane...just made sure you can fit a 12mm axle

more disc brake parts found HERE

front disc wheel solution for all the bad dudes that wanna upgrade their braking power...

you can find some 12mm sealed axles here!!

does NOT come with bolts in picture. if you need bolts for the disc, get (5) m6 x 35mm hex head bolts and probably some m6 nuts and washers

HERE ARE SOME TIPS on mounting the setup!!!

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