yamaha qt50 ORANGE clutch spring - 30lbs - by the piece
yamaha qt50 ORANGE clutch springs - 30lbs


stiffer clutch spring for your yamaha qt50! this version isn't as stiff as the black version. created from stronger materials than original, much less prone to heat damage or loss of tension.

sold by the piece, you need two for a complete set!

length - 36mm
diameter - 12mm

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careful with yer stokker MJ50 May 25, 2015
taco eater : Aaron Fowler from Richmond, VA United States  
put these on my stock-ish Towny's 2nd gear clutch and it now engages after the power-band's peak...unless i throttle shift. Im pretty sure 2nd would never engage with a stock pipe, but i have a hack-n-welded QT50 MLM side-bleed.

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Similar to QT holeshot springs September 4, 2012
taco eater : Brock from FL United States  
These are similar to the holeshot springs but engage about 200 rpm's sooner

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